We work with major manufacturers in the world today to ensure the best quality for our customers.

Autocom has been developing world-leading diagnostic tools for cars, commercial vehicles, trailers and buses since 1991. Today, they also offer a range of products and services that provide effective flows for both one-man workshops and large workshop chains.They have built up a comprehensive database of raw data that makes it possible to quickly and easily troubleshoot tens of thousands of different vehicle models.

Autocom is owned by the Würth-group from Germany, with operations and retailers all over the world.

Power Probe is a company dedicated to the creation of innovative, easy to use diagnostic equipment for the automotive industry. They strive to improve upon everything they do and the Power Probe line of devices reflects this as it continues to grow in an effort to meet the increasingly complex needs of today's automotive technician.

In keeping with dedication to innovation they recently release new Power Probe device "The Hook". This new product revolutionizes the idea of what a circuit tester can do.

Power Probe is located in Brea, California where they manufacture the Power Probe line as well as design the future products.

Wera Tools is the popular name for tool manufacturer Wera Werkzeuge GmbH (formally Wera Werk Hermann Werner GmbH & Co KG) of Wuppertal, Germany. It was founded in 1936. Wera Tools is known for its slogan “Be A Tool Rebel” which can be found on the packaging of many of their products.

Wera products include screwdrivers, screwdriver bits, ratchets and sockets, nut-spinners and L-keys. Wera tools are used principally by professionals, including builders, electricians, and mechanics.

HaynesPro is an automotive data solutions and workflow provider with over 25 years of experience in dealing with different challenges within the Automotive aftermarket.

HaynesPro is an intuitive, easy-to-use technical information system that has been honed over years of development to become the leading source of accurate information.

HaynesPro covers essential data required to carry out general servicing and vehicle repairs as well as being a huge reference library for valuable data. With electrical systems and advanced technologies becoming an ever more significant feature in modern cars, it has become essential to have quality technical information, diagrams and test information.

In addition, it contains OEM Technical Service Bulletins complete with symptoms, causes and solutions, supported by fault codes, their analysis and fault rectification details.

Finally, Haynespro contains an ingenious resource of known fixes and tips for uncommon faults associated with specific models, again complete with symptoms, causes and solutions.